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Table 1 Stegastes specimens analyzed and GenBank accession numbers of mitochondrial and nuclear sequences used in phylogenetic estimates

From: A reappraisal of Stegastes species occurring in the South Atlantic using morphological and molecular data

Taxonomic identification Collection sites n Deposited vouchersa GenBank access numberb
16S COI CytB rag1 rhod
S. pictus RA 3 MZUEL 08955 KM077255–57 KM077183–85 KM077201–03 KM077219–21 KM077237–39
S. variabilis RN 3 MZUEL 08957 KM077258–60 KM077186–88 KM077204–06 KM077222–24 KM077240–42
S. fuscus RN 3 MZUEL 08958 KM077261–63 KM077189–91 KM077207–09 KM077225–27 KM077243–45
S. rocasensis RA 3 MZUEL 08956 KM077264–66 KM077192–94 KM077210–12 KM077228–30 KM077246–48
S. rocasensis FNA 3 MZUEL 08960 KM077267–69 KM077195–97 KM077213–15 KM077231–33 KM077249–51
S. sanctipauli SPSPA 3 MZUEL 08959 KM077270–72 KM077198–200 KM077216–18 KM077234–36 KM077252–54
S. trindadensis TI 3 MZUEL 13908 KX066003–05 KX066006–08 KX066009–11 KX066012–14 KX066015–17
Macrodon ancylodon c 1 AY253541 JQ365417 AY253604 KP722921 KP723010
Haemulon aurolineatum c 1 JQ740958 JQ741187 JQ741415 KF141251 EF095619
  1. aMuseu de Zoologia from Universidade Estadual de Londrina (MZUEL); b sequences obtained in this study. RA Rocas atoll, RN Rio Grande do Norte state, FNA Fernando de Noronha archipelago, SPSPA São Pedro and São Paulo archipelago, TI Trindade island; c sequences from GenBank