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Table 1 Terminology reported for the naupliar instars of different species

From: Synchronism of naupliar development of Sacculina carcini Thompson, 1836 (Pancrustacea, Rhizocephala) revealed by precise monitoring

Larval instar Species
S. carcini (This study) S. carcini a Briarosaccus tenellus b Polyascus polygenea c, Sacculina pilosella d, Peltogasterella gracilis e, Heterosaccus papillosus f
First instar N1 N1 N0 N1
Second instar N2 N2 N1 N2
Third instar N3   N2 N3
Fourth instar N4 N3 N3 N4
Fifth instar N5 N4 N4 N5
  1. N0–N5 naupliar instars 0–5
  2. aWalker [6], Collis and Walker [7]
  3. bWalossek et al. [8]
  4. cKorn et al. [9]
  5. dKorn and Rybakov [10]
  6. eRybakov et al. [11]
  7. fPonomarenko et al. [12]