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Fig. 1

From: The illusion of rarity in an epibenthic jellyfish: facts and artefacts in the distribution of Tesserogastria musculosa (Hydrozoa, Ptychogastriidae)

Fig. 1

Environmental data and size structure of Tesserogastria musculosa from Raunefjord in February 2017. a Vertical profiles of temperature (°C), salinity, and oxygen concentration (mg/l). b Size distribution of the umbrella height of a randomly chosen subsample of the population. g1 = Skewness coefficient. SES = Standard error of skewness. n = number of medusae measured. Skewness is observed when the absolute value of g1/SES is > 2 (population positively skewed) or < − 2 (population negatively skewed)

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