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Fig. 2

From: The illusion of rarity in an epibenthic jellyfish: facts and artefacts in the distribution of Tesserogastria musculosa (Hydrozoa, Ptychogastriidae)

Fig. 2

Tesserogastria musculosa Beyer, 1958 from Raunefjord, Western Norway. a, b General morphology of the medusae in lateral and aboral view. c Cross-section of manubrium. d, e Tentacle stump (black arrow) and appearance of the marginal rim. f Statocyst with statolith (white arrow). g Undischarged nematocyst capsules: stenotele (st), microbasic eurytele (eu), and atrichous isorhiza (is). h Manubrium of a female mature medusa. i Close-up of developing eggs in gonadic tissue. j Manubrium of male mature medusa. k Close-up of homogeneous gonad

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