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Table 1 Percentage distancea for mitochondrial 16S and COI between Tesserogastria musculosa and other ptychogastriids

From: The illusion of rarity in an epibenthic jellyfish: facts and artefacts in the distribution of Tesserogastria musculosa (Hydrozoa, Ptychogastriidae)

  Ptychogastria polaris
(U) KY077292
Ptychogastria polaris (NW) MH407650 Glaciambulata neumayeri (WS) KY421621
Ptychogastria polaris (NW) MH407650 0.236   
Glaciambulata neumayeri (WS) KY421621 0.162 0.233  
Tesserogastria musculosa (NW) MG700373 0.277 0.241 0.260
  Ptychogastria polaris (AP) KY072784 Ptychogastria polaris (JP) KY072787 Ptychogastria polaris (NW) MH407229 Glaciambulata neumayeri (WS) KY426133
Ptychogastria polaris (JP) KY072787 0.266    
Ptychogastria polaris (NW) MH407229 0.311 0.350   
Glaciambulata neumayeri (WS) KY426133 0.219 0.246 0.347  
Tesserogastria musculosa (NW) MG700376 0.241 0.258 0.335 0.269
  1. aCalculated as Pairwise Kimura-2 parameter distances. Sampling localities for each specimen are indicated in parenthesis as either North Sea (NW), Japan Sea (JP), Antarctic Peninsula (AP), Weddell Sea (WS), or Unknown (U). GenBank accession numbers are underlined