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Table 2 Fouling species found colonizing bricks deployed at Funchal marina for almost four years and used in this study as a proxy for propagule pressure source

From: Variability in the settlement of non-indigenous species in benthic communities from an oceanic island

Taxa Status Number of bricks where observed References
 Chiton sp. U 6  
 Vermetidae U 2  
 Enteromorpha sp. U 7  
 Lithophyllum incrustans N 18 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Polysiphonia sertulariodes N 5 Neto et al. [70]
 Amphipods U 32  
 Balanus trigonus NIS 18 Carlton et al. [71]
 Caprella scaura NIS 32 Ramalhosa and Canning-Clode [72]
 Aiptasia diaphana NIS 16 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Barentsia discreta U 3  
 Ectopleura sp. U 3  
 Obelia sp. U 7  
 Pennaria disticha N 2 Goldfuss [73]
 Kirchenpaueria halecioides C 12 Delivering Alien Species Inventories Europe website (consulted 01/02/2018)
 Haliclona sp. U 1  
 Mycale (Carmia) cf. senegalensis NIS 13 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Paraleucilla magna NIS 9 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Prosuberites longispina U 4  
 Sycon sp. U 10  
 Amanthia verticillata NIS 7 Wirtz and Canning-Clode [74]
 Bugula neritina NIS 17 Ryland [75]
 Bugulina fulva NIS 4 Ramalhosa et al. [76
 Cradoscrupocellaria bertholletii NIS 14 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Crisia denticulata N 25 Gestoso et al. [41]
 Parasmittina alba NIS 1 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Schizoporella errata C 23 Ramalhosa, unpublished
 Branchiomma bairdi NIS 19 Ramalhosa et al. [77]
 Lepidonotus clava U 1  
 Nereididae U 1  
 Protula tubularia C 6  
 Salmacina dysteri N 25 Gestoso et al. [78]
 Spirobranchus triqueter N 19 Gestoso et al. [78]
 Spirorbis marioni NIS 17 Knight-Jones and Knight-Jones [79]
 Aplidium glabrum NIS 5 Ramalhosa, unpublished
 Botrylloides nigrum NIS 9 Gestoso et al. [41]; Ramalhosa, unpublished
 Botryllus schlosseri NIS 8 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Clavelina lepadiformis NIS 9 Wirtz [80]; Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Distaplia corolla NIS 4 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Ectenascidia sp. U 4  
 Phallusia mamillata N 1 Wirtz [80]; Ramalhosa, unpublished
 Styela canopus NIS 25 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
 Symplegma brakenhielmi C 3 Gestoso et al. [41]; Ramalhosa, unpublished
 Trididemnum cereum N 4 Canning-Clode et al. [19]
  1. The biogeographic status of each species (NIS: non-indigenous species, N: Native, C: Cryptogenic, U: Undetermined) as well as the frequency it has been found on the bricks