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Table 3 Summary of the analysis of deviance for the generalized linear model of Siphonaria lessonii, fitting the proportion of mortalityin each period of exposure (time) and factor (shore height) with limpet shell length as the covariate

From: Genetic and morpho-physiological differentiation in a limpet population across an intertidal gradient

Analysis of deviance df Deviance
Slope (shore:size) 2 5.983*
Slope (time:size) 2 10.435***
Slope (shore:time) 4 16.978***
Slope (shore:time:size) 4 0.514 n.s.
Elevation (shore) 2 45.001***
Elevation (time) 2 86.638***
  1. GLM was fit under binomial distribution and logit link function. *p < 0.05; ***p < 0.001; n.s., not significant