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Table 2 Mean intensity (95% confidence interval) of macroparasite species found in Poecilia velifera from three sampling sites in Bahamitas, Terminos Lagoon

From: Parasites of fish Poecilia velifera and their potential as bioindicators of wetland restoration progress

Parasites Conserved Degraded Under restoration
 Argulus sp. 1.9 (1.4–2.4)a 1.7 (1.2–2)a 1.25 (1–1.4)a
 Ergasilus aff. cerastes 2.9 (2.0–4.5)a 3.19 (2.3–4.6)a 1.9 (1.4–2.6)a
 Centrocestus formosanus 31.2 (25.2–39.1)a 21 (15.3–32.2)b 19.6 (16–25.2)b
 Gyrodactylus sp. 1 1 1.2 (1–1.5)
 Contracaecum sp. 1 1 0
 Cuculanus sp. 1.9 (1–2.7)a 1a 0a
  1. Values marked with superscript letters in common or no letters indicate no significant difference between sampling sites (t-bootstrap test, P > 0.05)