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Table 1 Combined list of species from the Helgoland Roads taxon list and check-list by Hoppenrath [7]

From: An updated phytoplankton check-list for the Helgoland Roads time series station with eleven new records of diatoms and dinoflagellates

Species Aphia ID Hoppenrath [7] 2009 onwards Reference image in Planktonnet
 Achnanthes longipes C.Agardh, 1824 156533 X X Planktonnet
 Actinocyclus curvatulus Janisch, 1874 345847 X X Planktonnet
 Actinocyclus octonarius Ehrenberg 149164 X X Planktonnet
 Actinoptychus senarius (Ehrenbergi) Ehrenberg 148948 X X Planktonnet
 Actinoptychus splendens (Shadbolt) Ralfs ex Pritchard, 1861 148949 X X Planktonnet
 Asterionellopsis glacialis (Castracane) Round, 1990 149139 X X Planktonnet
 Asteroplanus karianus (Grunow) C.Gardner & R.M.Crawford 251745 X X Planktonnet
 Aulacodiscus argus (Ehrenberg) Schmidt 149280 X   Planktonnet
 Bacillaria paxillifer (O. F. Müller) T.Marsson 149149
 Bacillaria paxillifera (O.F.Müller) T.Marsson, 1901
X X Planktonnet
 Bacteriastrum hyalinum Lauder, 1864 149119 X X Planktonnet
 Bellerochea malleus (Brightwell) Van Heurck, 1885 149306 X X Planktonnet
 Biddulphia alternans (Bailey) Van Heurck, 1885 149655 X X Planktonnet
 Brockmanniella brockmannii (Hustedt) Hasle et al. 149137 X X Planktonnet
 Campylosira cymbelliformis (A.Schmidt) Grunow ex Van Heurck, 1885 149357 X X  
 Calyptrella robusta (Norman) Hernandez-Becerril et Meave (= Rhizosolenia robusta in Helgoland Roads species list) 509586 X X Planktonnet
 Catenula adhaerens (Mereschkowsky) Mereschkowsky, 1903 163839 X   
 Cerataulina pelagica (Cleve) Hendey 149619 X X Planktonnet
 Cerataulus radiatus R.Ross 178126 X   
 Chaetoceros affinis Lauder, 1864 149241 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow, 1882 149292   X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros borealis Bailey, 1854 149124 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros compressus Cleve, 1894 149129 Cf. X Cf X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros convolutus Castracane, 1886 156611 X Cf recorded as convolutus/concavicornis group  
 Chaetoceros coronatus Gran, 1897 163026 X   
 Chaetoceros costatus Pavillard, 1911 149289 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros crinitus F.Schütt, 1895 149171 X   
 Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve, 1889 149221 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros danicus Cleve, 1889 149120 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros debilis Cleve, 1894 149219 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros decipiens Cleve, 1873 149126 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros densus (Cleve) Cleve, 1899 149121 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) Gran 149128  X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros didymus Ehrenberg, 1845 149122 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros eibenii Grunow, 1882 160521 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros externus Gran 160522 Drebes, 1974 only   
 Chaetoceros lauderi Ralfs, 1864 160523 X X (based on resting stage morphology) Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros lorenzianus Grunow, 1863 156617   X (identified by the presence of cysts and their morphology) Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros minimus (Levander) D.Marino, G.Giuffre, M.Montresor and A. Zingone, 1991 163089 Helgoland species list only   
 Chaetoceros protuberans Lauder, 1864 163055 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros pseudocurvisetus Mangin 178229   X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros radicans F.Schütt, 1895 163112 X X (vegetative stages and resting cysts) Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros similis Cleve, 1896 149127 X   
 Chaetoceros simplex Ostenfeld, 1902 149294 X   
 Chaetoceros socialis Lauder, 1864 149123 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros subtilis Cleve 156621 X X Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros teres Cleve 149125 X X (based on resting stage morphology Planktonnet
 Chaetoceros tortissimus Gran 163161 X X  
 Chaetoceros willei Gran 156625 X   
 Corethron hystrix Hensen (as Corethron criophilum in Helgoland Roads species list) 179596 X X Planktonnet
 Coscinodiscus centralis 149159 X A similar species was identified and documented but the ID not confirmed  
 Coscinodiscus concinnus Smith 148992 X X Planktonnet
 Coscinodiscus granii Gough 149271 X X Planktonnet
 Coscinodiscus pavillardii Forti (= Stellarima stellaris in Helgoland Roads species list) 149307 X   
 Coscinodiscus radiatus Ehrenberg 149158 X X Planktonnet
 Coscinodiscus stellaris Roper
(currently accepted name S. stellaris)
As S. stellaris in Helgoland species list
 Coscinodiscus wailesii Gran et Angst 156632 X X Planktonnet
 Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenberg) Reimann et Lewin (syn. Nitzschia closterium) 149004 X X Planktonnet
 Dactyliosolen fragilissimus (Bergon) Hasle, 1996 149310 X   Planktonnet
 Delphineis surirella (Ehrenberg) Andrews (syn. Raphoneis surirella) 149180 X X Planktonnet
 Detonula confervacea (Cleve) Gran 149286 X X Planktonnet
 Detonula pumila (Castracane) Gran (syn. Schroederella pumila, Schroederella schroederi) 149647 X X Planktonnet
(Vegetative and auxospore stages)
 Ditylum brightwellii (West) Grunow 149023 X X Planktonnet
 Eucampia zodiacus Ehrenberg 149131 X X Planktonnet
 Eunotogramma dubium Hustedt 345464 X   Planktonnet
 Fragilaria islandica Grunow 149239   X Planktonnet
 Fragilaria oblonga Drebes et Schulz 345475 X   Planktonnet
 Grammatophora marina (Lyngbye) Kützing, 1844 149338 Cf x X as spp  
 Guinardia delicatula (Cleve) Hasle, 1997 (syn. Rhizosolenia delicatula) 149112 X X Planktonnet
 Guinardia flaccida (Castracane) Peragallo 149132 X X Planktonnet
 Guinardia striata (Stolterfoth) Hasle (syn. Rhizosolenia stolterfothii) 149113 X X Planktonnet
 Helicotheca tamesis (Shrubsole) Ricard (syn. Streptotheca tamesis) 157440 X   Planktonnet
 Lauderia annulata Cleve (syn. Lauderia borealis) 149135 X X Planktonnet
 Leptocylindrus danicus Cleve 149106 X X Planktonnet
 Leptocylindrus minimus Gran 149039 X X Planktonnet
 Lithodesmium undulatum Ehrenberg 149322 X X Planktonnet
 Mediopyxis helysia Kühn, Hargreaves & Halliger 345484   X Planktonnet
 Melosira ambigua No aphia ID Present in Helgoland Roads species list only, status unclear (no authority added)   
 Melosira moniliformis (O. F. Müller) Agardh (syn. Melosira borreri) 418547 X   Planktonnet
 Melosira nummuloides Agardh 149044 X   Planktonnet
 Minidiscus trioculatus (Taylor) Hasle 180422 Cf x   Planktonnet
 Nitzschia longissima (Brebisson) Ralfs 149150 (Drebes, 1974 only)   
 Odontella aurita (Lyngbye) Agardh 149050 X X Planktonnet
 Odontella aurita var minima (Grunow) De Toni 345492 X X Planktonnet
 Odontella granulata (Roper) Ross (syn. Biddulphia granulata) 149156 X X Planktonnet
 Odontella longicruris (Greville) M.A.Hoban, 1983 418591   X Planktonnet
 Odontella mobiliensis (Bailey) Grunow 164116 X X Planktonnet
 Odontella obtusa Kützing 149662 Cf x X Planktonnet
 Odontella regia (Schultze) Simonsen (syn. Biddulphia regia) 149094 X X Planktonnet
 Odontella rhombus (Ehrenberg) Kützing (syn. Biddulphia rhombus) 149157 X X Planktonnet
 Odontella rhombus f. trigona (van Heurck) Ross 163292 X X Planktonnet
 Odontella sinensis (Greville) Grunow (syn. Biddulphia sinensis) 149095 x X Planktonnet
 Paralia marina (Smith) Heiberg (syn. Paralia sulcata) 156641 X X Planktonnet
 Plagiogrammopsis vanheurckii (Grunow) Hasle et al. (syn. Plagiogramma vanheurckii) 149057 X X Planktonnet
 Podosira stelliger (Bailey) Mann (syn. Hyalodiscus stelliger) 345506
As P. stelligera
X X Planktonnet
 Porosira glacialis (Grunow) Jörgensen (syn. Lauderia glacialis) 156689 X X Planktonnet
 Proboscia alata (Brightwell) Sundström (syn. Rhizosolenia alata) 149168 X X Planktonnet
 Proboscia indica (Peragallo) Hernández-Becerril (syn. Rhizosolenia indica) 345513 X X Planktonnet
 Pseudo-nitzschia americana (Hasle) Fryxell 478556   X Planktonnet
 Pseudo-nitzschia delicatissima (Cleve) Heiden (syn. Nitzschia delicatissima) 149153 Cf X   
 Pseudo-nitzschia fraudulenta Cleve 246606 X   
 Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (Grunow ex Cleve) G.R.Hasle (= Nitzschia ‘seriata’ in Drebes 1974) 160528 X X Planktonnet
 Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries (Hasle) Hasle 175738   X  
 Pseudo-nitzschia seriata (Cleve) H. Peragallo, 1899 149152 Helgoland Roads species list only   
 Pseudopodosira westii (Smith) Sheshukova-Poretzkaya (syn. Melosira westii) No aphia ID X   
 Rhaphoneis amphiceros (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg 149066 X X Planktonnet
 Rhizosolenia hebetata f. semispina (Hensen) Gran 149071 X X Planktonnet
 Rhizosolenia imbricata Brightwell (syn. Rhizosolenia shrubsolei) 149116 X X Planktonnet
 Rhizosolenia pungens Cleve-Euler 149117 X X Planktonnet
 Rhizosolenia setigera Brightwell 149115 X X Planktonnet
 Rhizosolenia cf similoides Cleve-Euler 160531 X   
 Rhizosolenia styliformis Brightwell 149629 X X Planktonnet
 Roperia tesselata (as Roperiates selata in Hoppenrath [7]) (Roper) Grunow 149105 X X Planktonnet
 Skeletonema costatum (Greville) Cleve sensu lato 149074 X X  
 Skeletonema marinoi Sarno & Zingone, 2005 376667   X Planktonnet
 Stauropsis membranacea (Cleve) Meunier (syn. Stauroneis membranacea) 172656
(As Meuniera membranacea)
As M. membranacea
 Stephanopyxis turris (Greville et Arnott) Ralfs 149631 X X Planktonnet
 Subsilicea fragilarioides Stosch et Reimann 345526 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassionema frauenfeldii Tempère & Peragallo (syn. Thalassiothrix frauenfeldii) 555052 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Mereschkowsky 149093 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira aestivalis Gran et Angst 345529 X ? Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira cf allenii Takano 573627 X   
 Thalassiosira angulata (Gregory) Hasle 148913 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira anguste-lineata (Schmidt) Fryxell et Hasle (syn. Coscinodiscus anguste-lineata, Thalassiosira polychorda) 148914 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira concaviuscula Makarova 345530 X   Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira curviseriata Takano 345532 X   Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira decipiens (Grunow) E.G.Jørgensen 148919 X   
 Thalassiosira delicatula Ostenfeld 555264 X   Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira diporocyclus Hasle 345534 X   
 Thalassiosira eccentrica (Ehrenberg) Cleve (syn. Coscinodiscus eccentricus) 148922 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira hendeyi Hasle et Fryxell 148923 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira cf kuschirensis Takano 495332 X   
 Thalassiosira lundiana Fryxell 495542 X   
 Thalassiosira mala Takano 418581 X   
 Thalassiosira minima Gaarder 148925 X ? Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira monoporocyclus Hasle
(Currently accepted as T. minuscula)
345548 X   Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii Cleve 148931 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira oceanica Hasle 345549 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira proschkinae Makarova 148933 X   
 Thalassiosira punctigera (Castracane) Hasle (syn. Thalassiosira angstii, Thalassiosira japonica) 148936 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira rotula Meunier 148942 X X Planktonnet
 Thalassiosira subtilis (Ostenfeld) Gran 149101 X   
 Thalassiosira tealata Takano 231889 X   
 Thalassiosira tenera Proschkina-Lavrenkoc 345550 X X Planktonnet
 Triceratium favus Ehrenberg 149170 X X Planktonnet
 Plagiolemma distortum Nézan   ? X Planktonnet
 Actiniscus pentasterias (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg (syn. Gymnaster pentasterias) 109717 X X Planktonnet
 Akashiwo sanguinea (Hirasaki) Hansen et Moestrup (syn. Gymnodinium sanguineum, Gymnodinium splendens) 232546 X X Planktonnet
 Alexandrium ostenfeldii (Paulsen) Balech et Tangen, 1985
(species complex)
109712   X Planktonnet
 Amoebophrya ceratii (Koeppen) Cachon 109578 X   
 Amylax triacantha (Jörgensen) Sournia (syn. Gonyaulax triacantha) 110007 X X Planktonnet
 Ceratium arietinum Cleve (= Ceratium bucephalum), accepted as Tripos arietinus (Cleve) F.Gómez, 2013 109929 X   Planktonnet
 Ceratium furca (Ehrenberg) Claparède et Lachmann, accepted as Tripos furca (Ehrenberg) F.Gómez, 2013 109950 X X Planktonnet
 Ceratium fusus (Ehrenberg) Dujardin, accepted as Tripos fusus (Ehrenberg)  F. Gómez, 2013 109951 X X Planktonnet
 Ceratium horridum (Cleve) Gran (syn Ceratium intermedium), accepted as Tripos horridus (Cleve) F.Gómez, 2013 109956 X X Planktonnet
 Ceratium lineatum (Ehrenberg) Cleve, accepted as Tripos lineatus (Ehrenberg) F.Gómez, 2013 109963 X X Planktonnet
 Ceratium longipes (Bailey) Gran, accepted as Tripos longipes (J.W.Bailey) F.Gómez, 2013 109964 X   Planktonnet
 Ceratium macroceros (Ehrenberg) Vanhöffen, accepted as Tripos macroceros (Ehrenberg) F.Gómez, 2013 670002 X X Planktonnet
 Ceratium tripos (Müller) Nitzsch, accepted as Tripos muelleri, Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1827 109982 X X Planktonnet
 Dinophysis acuminata Claparède et Lachmann 109603 X X Planktonnet
 Dinophysis acuta Ehrenberg 109604 X X Planktonnet
 Dinophysis dens, Pavillard 109616 X   
 Dinophysis norvegica Claparède et Lachmann 109637 X X Planktonnet
 Dinophysis rotundata Claparède et Lachmann 162793
Phalacroma rotundatum
X X Planktonnet
 Dinophysis tripos Gourret 109662   X  
 Diplopelta bomba Stein ex Jörgensen 110133 X   
 Diplopsalis lenticula Bergh 110001 X X Planktonnet
 Dissodinium pseudocalani (Gönnert) Drebes ex Elbrächter et Drebes 110324 X   
 Dissodinium pseudolunula Swift ex Elbrächter et Drebes 110325 X X Planktonnet
 Exuviella marina Cientkowski
(as Prorocentrum lima in Helgoland Roads species list)
 Fragilidium subglobosum (v. Stosch) Balech (syn. Helgolandinium subglobosum) 109705 X   Planktonnet
 Gonyaulax diegensis Kofoid 110014 X   
 Gonyaulax digitale (Pouchet) Kofoid 110015 X X Planktonnet
 Gonyaulax spinifera (Claparède et Lachmann) Diesing 110041 X X  
 Gonyaulax verior Sournia 110045 X   
 Gymnodinium chlorophorum Elbrächter et Schnepf (syn. Lepidodinium viride) 109785
As L. chlorophorum
As Lepidodinium chlorophorum
 Gymnodinium cf. endofasciculum Campbell 109792 X   
 Gymnodinium gracile Bergh (syn. Gymnodinium abbreviatum, Gymnodinium lohmannii) 109800 X   
 Gymnodinium lebourae Pavillard 109808 X   
 Gymnodinium striatissimum Hulburt (syn. Gymnodinium heterostriatum) 345476 X   Planktonnet
 Gyrodinium britannicum Kofoid et Swezy 109843 X X  
 Gyrodinium calyptoglyphe Lebour (syn. Sclerodinium calyptoglyphe) 109844 X X Planktonnet
 Gyrodinium lacryma (Meunier) Kofoid et Swezy 627606 X   
 Gyrodinium prunus (Wulff) Lebour 109873 X   
 Gyrodinium spirale (Bergh) Kofoid et Swezy 109876 X X Planktonnet
 Gyrodinium undulans Hulburt 109878 X   Planktonnet
 Heterocapsa minima Pomroy 233619 X   
 Heterocapsa niei (Loeblich) Morill et Loeblich (syn. Cachonina niei) 233620 X   Planktonnet
 Heterocapsa rotundata (Lohmann) Hansen (syn. Katodinium rotundatum, Amphidinium rotundatum) 110152 X X  
 Heterocapsa triquetra (Ehrenberg) Stein (syn. Peridinium triquetrum) 110153 X X Planktonnet
 Karenia mikimotoi (Miyake et Kominami ex Oda) Hansen et Moestrup (syn. Gymnodinium mikimotoi, Gyrodinium aureolum) 233024 X   
 Katodinium glaucum (Lebour) Loeblich (syn. Massartia glauca) 109885 X X  
 Mesoporos perforatus (Gran) Lillick 232516 X X Planktonet
 Nematodinium armatum (Dogiel) Kofoid et Swezy 109907 X X Planktonet
 Noctiluca scintillans (Macartney) Kofoid et Swezy (syn. Noctiluca miliaris) 109921 X X Planktonnet
 Oblea rotunda (Lebour) Balech ex Sournia (syn. Peridiniopsis rotunda, Glenodinium rotundum) 110155 X X Planktonnet
 Oodinium pouchetii (Lemmermann) Chatton 345495 (Drebes 1974 only)   
 Oxyrrhis marina Dujardin 109902 X   
 Paulsenella chaetoceratis (Paulsen) Chatton 109575 (Drebes, 1974 only)   
 Polykrikos kofoidii Chatton (syn. Polykrikos schwartzii) 109899 X X Planktonnet
 Polykrikos schwartzii Bütschli 109901 X   
 Preperidinium meunierii (Pavillard) Elbrächter (syn. Diplopeltopsis minor, Zygabikodinium lenticulatum) 109927 X X Planktonnet
 Prorocentrum balticum (Lohmann) Loeblich (syn. Exuviella baltica) 110293 (Drebes 1974 only) X Planktonnet
 Prorocentrum micans Ehrenberg 110303 X X Planktonnet
 Prorocentrum minimum (Pavillard) Schiller (syn. Exuviaella mariae-lebouriae, Exuviaella apora) 110304 X   Planktonnet
 Prorocentrum redfieldii Bursa (syn. Prorocentrum triestinum) 110310 x   Planktonnet
 Proterythropsis vigilans Marshall (syn. Nematopsides vigilans) 233115 X   
 Protoceratium reticulatum (Claparède et Lachmann) Bütschli (syn. Gonyaulax grindleyi) 110321 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium achromaticum (Levander) Balech (syn. Peridinium achromaticum) 110205 Cf X   
 Protoperidinium bipes (Paulsen) Balech (syn. Minuscula bipes, Peridinium minusculum) 110208 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium brevipes (Paulsen) Balech (syn. Peridinium brevipes) 110210 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium cerasus (Paulsen) Balech (syn. Peridinium cerasus) 162749 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium claudicans (Paulsen) Balech (syn. Peridinium claudicans) 163862 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium conicum (Gran) Balech (syn. Peridinium conicum) 110213 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium curtipes (Jörgensen) Balech (syn. Peridinium curtipes) 110215 X   Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium curvipes (Ostenfeld) Balech (syn. Peridinium curvipes) 163934 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium denticulatum (Gran et Braarud) Balech (syn. Peridinium denticulatum) 110216 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium depressum (Bailey) Balech (syn. Peridinium depressum) 110217 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium divergens (Ehrenberg) Balech (syn. Peridinium divergens) 110219 Cf X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium excentricum (Paulsen) Balech, (syn. Peridinium excentricum) 110220 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium granii (Ostenfeld) Balech 110223 X   Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium leonis (Pavillard) Balech (syn. Peridinium leonis) 110229 X   
 Protoperidinium mariaelebouriae (Paulsen) Balech (syn. Peridinium mariaelebouriae) 110231 X   Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium minutum (Kofoid) Loeblich (syn. Peridinium minutum) 110233 X X  
 Protoperidinium monospinum (Paulsen) Zonnefeld et Dale 110235 X cf Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium oblongum (Aurivillius) Parke et Dodge (syn. Peridinium oblongum) 110238 X cf Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium obtusum (Karsten) Parke et Dodge (syn. Peridinium obtusum) 110239 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium ovatum Pouchet (syn. Peridinium ovatum) 110241 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium pallidum (Ostenfeld) Balech (syn. Peridinium pallidum) 110244 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium pellucidum Bergh (syn. Peridinium pellucidum) 110245 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium pentagonum (Gran) Balech (syn. Peridinium pentagonum) 110247 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium punctulatum (Paulsen) Balech (syn. Peridinium punctulatum) 110248 X   Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium pyriforme (Paulsen, 1905) Balech, 1974 110249 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium steinii (Jörgensen) Balech 110257 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium subinerme (Paulsen) Loeblich 110259 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium thorianum (Paulsen) Balech 110260 X X Planktonnet
 Protoperidinium thulesense (Balech) Balech 232861 X X Planktonnet
 Pyrophacus horologium Stein 232598 X X Planktonnet
 Pyrocystis noctiluca
Murray ex Haeckel, 1890
110332 Helgoland Roads species list only   
 Scrippsiella lachrymosa Lewis 110168 X   
 Scrippsiella trochoidea (Stein) Loeblich 110172 X X (as spp.)  
 Spatulodinium pseudonoctiluca (Pouchet) Cachon et Cachon ex Loeblich et Loeblich 109923 X   
 Torodinium robustum Kofoid et Swezy 109889 X X Planktonnet
 Warnowia rosea (Pouchet) Kofoid et Swezy 233154 X   Planktonnet
  1. Many of the taxonomic names have undergone changes but the names used in the original lists are maintained here for clarity, but Aphia IDs are provided for each species to link to the taxonomic/nomenclatural history including currently accepted names in WORMS. Entries in bold: New species entries in the combined species list. Two species mentioned by Hoppenrath [7]were not included in the listing: Chaetoceros rostratus and Amphidinium crassum