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Table 2 Results of post hoc Tukey test for comparisons of richness and density of crustaceans between Mussismilia species (M. harttii, M. braziliensis, M. hispida) and cage treatments (total cage, partial cage, no cage)

From: An exclusion experiment to study the influence of habitat structure provided by Mussismilia corals (Cnidaria; Anthozoa) on the predation of associated crustaceans

  Richness Density
p value p value
M. harttii × M. braziliensis 0.284 0.039
M. harttii × M. hispida 0.001 0.004
M. braziliensis × M. hispida 0.001 0.001
Total cage × Partial cage 0.016 0.002
Partial cage × no cage 0.999 0.879
Total cage × no cage 0.016 0.001