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Table 4 Number of Kalyptorhynchia species in habitat types of the northern Wadden Sea tidal inlets studied 1982–1984 and 2018–2019, and similarity of species composition between sites

From: Analysing long-term change in small benthos: geomorphological dynamics affects method selection

Sediment typeDepth rangeNo of sitesNumber of Kalyptorhynchia speciesSimilarity
1982–19842015–20191982–1984 total2015–2019 totalCombined totalPresent in both periodsSørensen’s similarity (%)Jaccard’s index (%)
Fine sand> 10 m656402952174633
> 10 m4129192534012
Medium sand> 10 m1829535173315442
> 10 m8426103242413
Coarse sand> 10 m112246000
> 10 m36617000
All typesTotal40119736388485755