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Table 2 Cross-correlations between each gamete stage and mean monthly values of sea surface temperature (SST), photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), light attenuation coefficient (kd) and chlorophyll-a concentration (Chla)

From: Reproduction of the endangered endemic saffron coral to the Gulf of California Porites sverdrupi (Anthozoa: Scleractinia): implications for its long-term maintenance

Oocyte I3− 0.670.0482*3− 0.830.0056*30.760.0166*30.740.0225*
Oocyte II3− 0.710.0333*3− 0.630.068030.670.0498*30.640.0650
Oocyte III3− 0.730.0254*00.750.0048*30.730.05240.900.0022*
Oocyte IV10.440.179500.630.0280*0− 0.480.11753− 0.150.7071
Planuale00.700.0118*00.670.0182*0− 0.380.0227*50.900.0022*
Spermary II00.680.0155*20.670.0282*3− 0.300.437350.870.0050*
Spermary III00.560.060510.570.06870− 0.510.088140.890.0034*
Spermary IV00.630.0281*10.710.0152*0− 0.480.11603− 0.150.7071
  1. Lags represent months
  2. *Asterisks show significant correlations