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Table 3 Oceanographic variables that explain 90% of the potential distribution Maxent models built for P. sverdrupi

From: Reproduction of the endangered endemic saffron coral to the Gulf of California Porites sverdrupi (Anthozoa: Scleractinia): implications for its long-term maintenance

VariableContribution to the model (%)Cumulative contribution to the model (%)
First model: historical distribution (pre-1990’s)
 Presence of rocky coast18.962.9
 Presence of rhodolith beds1577.9
 Primary productivity (max)4.182
 Salinity (min)3.485.4
 Nitrate concentration (min)3.288.6
 Salinity range290.6
Second model: distribution after the first local extinctions
 Presence of rocky coast30.130.1
 Presence of rhodolith beds15.170.6
 Salinity range4.975.5
 Dissolved oxygen (max)4.880.3
 Mean PAR3.884.1
 Primary productivity (max)3.487.5
 Alkalinity range3.490.9
Third model: distribution up to date
 Presence of rhodolith beds70.270.2
 Presence of rocky coast13.183.3