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Table 1 Growth parameters and performance indices of Glycymeris genus

From: Age and growth of Glycymeris longior (Sowerby, 1832) clam at the southern edge of its distribution (Argentine Sea)

Speciesk (year−1)H (mm)ɸPLocation (latitude)Aging methodReferences
G. glycymeris0.11–0.1347.5–552.47–2.524.14–4.26Bay of Saint-Brieuc, France (~ 48° N)External ringsSavina [44]
G. grayana0.2054.32.774.51Bermagui, Australia (~ 36° S)Thin shell sectionsBeaver et al. [9]
G. longior0.1839.42.454.04El Sótano, Argentina (~ 41° S)Thin shell sectionsThis study